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Working closely and effectively in consultation with local communities forms an integral part of our approach to the planning and design process – involving, empowering, listening and responding to local people, so they can genuinely take ownership of the finished proposal. This is rarely an easy or straightforward process; there are often many doubts, differences and tensions which must be resolved.

We firmly believe in the principles of communication, engagement, and building strong relationships with a wide variety of audience groups to ensure the involvement of all stakeholders, including local communities, local authorities and relevant interest groups. We are increasingly looking towards online consultation (with a dedicated web site) for both projects and area based strategies or masterplans.

Our long and successful track record in public consultation has resulted in a broad range of tried and tested techniques that embrace a wide range of communication methods such as:

  • Face to face interviews and surveys
  • Workshops for specific groups
  • “Planning for real” events
  • Questionnaires
  • Local press and websites
  • Working with schools, clubs and associations
  • Meetings with community representatives and agencies, such as local councillors, health care professionals, community workers, police and probation service
  • On-line consultation using dedicated web sites for projects or strategies
  • Leaflets
  • Exhibitions


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