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Landscape Architecture and Ecology

Landscape architecture is about achieving a harmony between manmade development and natural processes through the planning, design and management of external space.

At its best it provides an efficient, attractive and durable setting for development and the infrastructure that supports it.

At Cass Associates we are unashamedly ambitious in striving to meet this goal. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary method of working coupled with the large scale, long term nature of many of our projects allows landscape architectural issues to be embedded from the outset.

We believe that to be successful a landscape has to be multi-functional. Exemplar landscapes make a major contribution to human health and well-being and are attractive, sustainable and ecologically rich places. Our approach can also reduce the total costs of development compared with one in which the landscape is treated as the last, and often most dispensable part of a development project.

Cass Associates frequently co-ordinates Environmental Statements in support of planning applications, including carrying out detailed Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA’s) for large and small sites.We also provide comprehensive advice on ecological issues and have well-established links with a wide range of ecological specialists in different protected species and habitats.

We are able to engage constructively with statutory protection agencies and other interest groups at an early stage in the planning process. This enables us to agree survey regimes, mitigation and management measures that reduce the risk of difficulties and delays, and the associated costs.
We have extensive experience of habitat creation and management including lowland heath, coastal exposure and erosion, species rich grassland, wetlands (often as part of SUDs) and soil-making techniques, including the use of waste materials.