Play Centre Planned for South Liverpool

Play Centre

Cass Associates have submitted a full planning application for the change of use of the unit from B8 (Storage and Distribution) to D2 (Leisure and Assembly) to establish a children’s indoor play centre at the Weaver Industrial Estate, Garston.

The plans are to create a new children’s indoor soft play centre in South Liverpool with associated facilities including a café.

The applicants seek to establish an indoor soft play centre that also accommodates children with special requirements, creating a safe play environment for children living with autism, mobility impairments and other communication, social and learning difficulties.

It is proposed to operate the indoor play centre from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm on Saturday and 9am to 7pm on Sunday. An estimated 10 full time and 15 part time jobs will be created by the play centre.

The plans, which can be viewed on the Liverpool City Council website, include the creation of a dedicated access to the unit from Brunswick Street, avoiding the necessity to enter the Weaver Industrial Estate.

Current Liverpool planning policy states that D2 (Leisure and Assembly) is a town centre use, and justification must be given for the proposed use outside of town and district centres.

Darren Muir, Planner at Cass Associates, said “There are specific requirements for the use proposed, including a large, uninterrupted activity space and easy accessibility by public transport and private cars. The latter is important if the needs of mobility impaired children are to be served. These requirements cannot be met through the available building stock in nearby district centres (or within 300 metres of their boundaries).

The application premises is ideally located and the new use will provide an amenity for the local community which complements other uses in this business area while bringing economic benefits in its own right.”

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