Nestle, York

The City of York Council has given full support for a comprehensive scheme of redevelopment at the Nestlé confectionery site in York. Cass Associates act as planning and landscape design consultants.

The site is a mix of cleared land and retained buildings which formed the original Joseph Rowntree factory. It presents a strategic opportunity for new development to the north of York City Centre.

The proposed development will provide for a range of uses and activities. The majority of the new development will be new build houses, offices and specialist accommodation for the elderly. The retained multi-storey buildings fall in a conservation area and are to be converted to offices, retail, student accommodation and apartments.

Strong links between the new development and the surrounding communities will be formed, with a particular focus on permeability by pedestrians and cyclists. At the heart of the scheme are key green spaces. A wide pedestrian spine running across the full width of the site will be a focal point around which new activities are planned. This terminates at a new civic space in the conservation area within which is the listed Joseph Rowntree library.

Nestlé South will be a major new residential and business quarter in the City of York involving the reuse of former factory buildings but also supporting continuing activity by Nestlé UK in the city.