Sunday Retail Market, Liverpool

Planning permission granted for a Sunday retail market at the Wholesale Market site on Edge Lane, Liverpool.

Following Cass Associates’ successful application in 2012, to obtain planning permission for a Sunday retail market at the Wholesale Market site at Edge Lane for a temporary two year period, Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd engaged the practice to manage the process of obtaining a further planning permission for the operation to continue, following its success over the last two years.

We undertook early discussions with the Liverpool City Council to scope the requirements for the planning application and provided masterplanning services to amend the proposed site plan to take account of changes to the operation and structure of the market.

Cass Associates also managed highway and acoustic consultants to provide their technical inputs to the planning submission and reviewed and revised the Operational Plan for the proposed market, producing a Planning, Design and Access Statement to accompany the planning submission.

Planning permission was granted on 13 October 2014.