Further 350 Houses Approved in Renfrewshire

Houses Dargavel Village

One of the largest brownfield regeneration projects in the UK is given a boost through the approval of a further 350 houses.

The transformation of the former Royal Ordnance factory at Bishopton in Renfrewshire into a new community is being shaped by an overarching masterplan.  The masterplan has been reviewed in order to give resilience to this long term programme of regeneration.  As part of this review, the housing neighbourhoods are to be extended, providing the opportunity for a further 350 houses.

An application to Renfrewshire Council for planning permission in principle for the extended area of housing has been approved.  This raises the capacity of the development to over 3,000 houses.  It is being built in stages with homes and support infrastructure delivered in tandem.

Cass Associates has provided planning, masterplanning, landscape design and urban design services for this project since its inception in the year 2000.