Cass Associates Design Submitted for Awards

Copper Design Submitted for Awards

Recently completed Cass Associates design submitted for the 2017 Architects Journal Small Projects Award and the European Copper in Architecture Award.

The property in South Liverpool lies within the Cressington Park Conservation Area. It was originally laid out in the mid-nineteenth century as a private residential park and still consists mainly of substantial villas set in large plots. The property, built in 1899 and double-fronted in brick, is a typical example.

In common with many properties of that period, the kitchen and ancillary areas at the rear of the house were small. There was also little connectivity to the large rear garden. Our client required an internal reorganisation and rear extension that would provide a modern and informal family/dining/kitchen area. It was also important to improve visual and physical engagement with the garden.

By removing a wide section of the rear wall and some earlier lightweight extensions, the existing small kitchen and dining room areas were combined with a new single storey extension. The result was the ability to provide a single large, family space.  A new granite patio further extends the family space into the garden.

The form of the extension is distinctive, simple and uncluttered. This is to complement the disciplined and robust character of the main house, and yet remain contemporary in its design and choice of materials.

Weathering bronzed copper was selected for the cladding, which sits comfortably with the red and brown brick of the main house. The projecting and tapering form of the cladding provides solar shading without compromising the extensive glazing. The glazing  includes full-width frameless bi-fold doors, which optimises daylight, views and connectivity with the garden.

Vertical glazing and a linear roof window serve to define the junction between the extension and the existing building and allow deeper penetration of natural light and ventilation.

The interior of the new space is unified by a common palette of restrained colours and materials. Kitchen, dining and informal seating areas within the space are subtly defined through variations to the ceiling level and lighting.

The results of the Architectural Journal Small Project Award will be announced on the Architect’s Journal website.

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